The Complete Lightening / Whitening Treatment
Please be aware that your skin-specialist or pharmacist might prescribe a slightly different treatment.
All formulas have been improved in 2012. They don't contain any hydroquinone, kojic acid or arbutin/alpha-arbutin. Original MagiClear products are made in Switzerland with ingredients of rare purity.

The first important step to every skin treatment is deep cleansing and exfoliation in order to get rid off of dead cells. Indeed, a layer of dead cells would avoid the products to penetrate and to be efficient, and pores plenty of grease and dirt may react with some actives and provoke undesired skin reactions. MAGICLEAR Dual Action Cleanser combines cleansing and exfoliation in a unique, easy to use product filled in a handy 100ml tube. In addition to its basic effects (peeling off dead cells, cleansing, eliminating impurities, refining skin’s grain), it stimulates cell regeneration in order to accelerate the over-all whitening result. Use in the morning and in the evening.

After cleansing, follow with MAGICLEAR Fast Action Clarifying Cream in the morning and MAGICLEAR Fast Action Clarifying Gel in the evening. Optional: use both Fast Action Clarifying Gel and Fast Action Clarifying Cream in the morning and in the evening. Use Gel first. The application of Gel and Cream has a synergetic effect which leads to mutual reinforcements of both lightening and care results.

MAGICLEAR Fast Action Clarifying Serum comes in a 30ml bottle which allows a precise, local application on spots. As spots contain a lot more melanin than the other parts, whitening the spots is harder and, above all, takes a lot more time when done with the same products. Using only the gel and the cream will whiten the regular skin much faster than the spots, which leads to more contrast between skin and spots. In other words, the spots seem to have become even darker (which is, of course, not the case, but appears as such to the human eye due to increased contrast). The serum tends to equalize the whitening of the spots to the whiting of the skin and is therefore highly recommended in presence of spots. After cleansing, apply the serum on spots. Follow with gel and cream as described above.

It is of course a non – sense to go sunbathing and to follow a whitening treatment in the same time. Nevertheless, the exposition to the sun can’t be always avoided. For these cases, MAGICLEAR’s broadband Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ is the ideal, safe solution. The 50ml tube fits in every bag. The tinted version is designed to cover skin imperfections.

As for the face, the first important step is deep cleansing: Clarifying Exfoliating Soap exfoliates dead cells and deeply eliminates impurities while avoiding dehydration. It stimulates cell renewal, thus facilitating the formation of lighter new cells. With a fresh and fruity fragrance helping to neutralize body odors provoked by bacteria and microbes present on the skin’s surface.

Fast Action Body Lotion comes in a generous 250ml tube. It is the efficient, safe whitening lotion for the body. It decreases epidermal pigmentation and stimulates skin’s regenerating power.


Last modification: 16-12-14